Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back from Spring Vacation

All nice and relaxed!

I didn't get too much finished on my socks. I was really hoping to finish them, but we know I aim really high. However, I did make a good effort. We were also in search of a LYS while on vacation. I found this in a bookstore:

The label reads "Cup of Yarn; Passion Fruit Scarf; Ingredients for a full length scarf included". It is 100% acrylic 270 yards with 3mm needles. However, not one LYS to be found.

In coming back home, I was thrilled to see my No Sheep Swap Pal had sent me an email. I then sent one to the individual I was given. Hopefully, I'll hear back soon...then I can have an excuse to head to a yarn store.

Also, today is my sister's Birthday. This photo is for her. The DH found it on our vacation. (she loves pigs as much as I love rabbits!) We were driving around the town and DH says did you see that pig? I am driving...hello, I'm not looking at the tops of houses?! So, I turn the car around and he was kind enough to stand in the middle of the road to grab the shot. Of course, he had to stand in the road for a bit until the pig turned around.
Off to unpack and do laundry.

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