Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is Spring ever going to get here?

I'm not so convinced. I love snow, do not get me wrong. I'm the first one to get excited when I see snow. HOWEVER, since we have had basically freezing rain/snow ending as ice/just plain ice/10" of snow in a 2 day time frame - all of which have been occurring during the work week for the past 3 months...the one who likes the white stuff starts to get annoyed by it. I heard on the news channel last night that we are just over 49" for this season! Crazy!!

So please bring on Spring! There is nothing like sneezing and sinus congestion...I mean birds chirping, flowers sharing their beauty with us, things in the yard turning green, I believe you get the idea.

I'm going to shock all of you...yesterday the DH and I went to a library! WHOAH! I actually got in some uninterrupted study time. Now if I can just keep up the studying until I take the test, I'll be good.

I'm also on a self imposed 'no knitting' until I pass this exam. I really hope this works as my exam is sometime between now and the end of March.

DH and I also had SLG over yesterday. I had to wipe away a tear from my eye as when I arrived to pick her up, she greeted me with "HI D" then "I missed you". AWWWW. How can you not love that?!

As you can see we all wore our party hats and appropriate jewelry! All three of us had a great time and it was hard for it to end when I had to bring her home.
Now I must go back to my study book...

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