Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

It's Carol's 10 on Tuesday.

Ten Things You'd Fix in Your Home (if you had the time and money):

1. Change the siding. I can't stand the color it is.
2. Add a two car garage. In New England you need it for those winter mornings.
3. Update the kitchen with new and bigger cabinets.
4. Move the washer/dryer to main floor.
5. Get a new refrigerator. Definitely need the refrig part on top and freezer on bottom.
6. Enlarge the living room. We need to have the piano and cedar chest in the living room.
7. Enlarge the master bedroom.
8. Might as well put in a master bath while we are at it.
9. Have a 3 season porch.
10. Just blow this one to shreds and start from scratch!

There hasn't been any knitting this past weekend. I promise I'll finish these socks soon! I already have my next project just waiting to be started.

However it wasn't like I was just hanging around at home the entire weekend. DH and I decided to head to a mall for a couple of hours. We were also asked out for dinner by our dear friends. That day ended up with me reading a bedtime story to my SLG! The next day we went to a wine/beer tasting.

So there are all my excuses! Enjoy your April Fools Day and hope you made it through without too much torment!

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