Sunday, February 22, 2009


Did you see my new banner? DH has been busy. He created a new summer one that I can't wait to show you...however with the current weather conditions outside (crazy big snowflakes) it will be a few more months!

My secret project is coming along. I measured the yarn ball and I'm down about a 1/2 inch in diameter. I call that making progress. I'm having a tough time with the way the needles are gripping the yarn (way too much!). I can only work on it for a hour and then my fingers start to ache. I'm torn with continuing to work on it an hour at a time or buying new needles that would slide the yarn a bit.

I never showed you the lepidolite stone necklace I made. It has become my favorite! Each time I wear it someone new comments on it.I also was able to complete this one as well. It is made from ivory potato pearls, green Swarovski pearls with sterling silver accents. These clearly are not the best pictures, as I need to come up with a permanent solution for my jewelry pictures. I have the light tent and that works out really well for my knitting, however I do not have anything that would hold up a necklace, bracelet or earrings. Must talk to DH about constructing something! :-)

I have a pair of bunnies to show you today. I saw these at my Aunt's beach house. I made a comment to her that I loved them...later that day they showed up in my take home bag. They fit tea lights in them, however I only use them for display!

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