Thursday, March 12, 2009

I won a contest!

I came home last night (after working for 12 hours every day this week!) to check out just a few of my favorite blogs, then head off to sleep.

I went to Little Cotton Rabbits and I see this:I hover over the 'Dawn' and see pop up and go "I WON, THAT IS ME!!"

I basically got my second wind at that point and didn't get to sleep for a few more hours!

What did I win you ask? Handmade needles from Kerry at Penny Dog. You can find her here on Etsy and her own website.

Kerry has since contacted me and now has my preferences. I can't wait to receive them and show them off to you!!

I know, I owe you completed knitting projects...I'm just waiting for some daylight around here.

As for your bunny photo, how is this:
My MIL purchased this while we was visiting Hawaii. Over the years it has gradually turned darker. Interesting.

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