Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacation trip to a farm

This just wasn't any farm, it was Romney Ridge Farm. For those of you that are Loopy Groupies you should be quite familiar with this farm!

We hadn't planned on stopping in as I wasn't aware we would be passing right by the farm on the way to our destination. In fact, it wasn't until the day trip to Brunswick, ME that I found the sign and yelled "THAT'S ROMNEY RIDGE!"...to a thoroughly confused DH!

We left Brunswick and went back by Romney Ridge and stopped in. I'm so glad we did!

Kelly was just a joy to spend time with. I think we were there for over an hour just talking with her and being introduced to her farm family.

We found Romeo in the hay shed. We took a picture of the cousins to the Afl@c duck (I'm convinced!). We heard a throaty Judy make her presence known to all of us. Kelly even had 2 week old chickens that were so adorable....however, by far, my personal favorite was Uma & Tom the two angora goats....then again it might be the babydoll sheep.

My DH stated, before we were out of Kelly's driveway that "...that was the best part of the vacation so far!"...HOLY MOLY!

If you are ever in the area for Romney Ridge Farm (Route 1 in Maine) you MUST stop in a say hello to Kelly and the rest of her family. Maybe buy a skein or two from well loved sheep!

Directions are here then look for this sign: Until next time...

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