Sunday, September 27, 2009

Amy Singer is my knitting hero

We all need one. Someone we look up to that has helped us in our knitting. For me, it is Amy Singer. She, like myself, is allergic to all things wool.

Her No Sheep For You book is fabulous! I do personally hold her responsible for my tastes in expensive non-wool/mohair/angora yarns!

I enjoyed her lecture on Thursday night. I truly felt like a groupie when, at the end, I asked her to sign my book and pose for a picture. This would be Amy Singer signing my book:You can see from Live and Let Learn!'s blog that they even got Amy to play a bit on the Uke. Wool Free and Lovin' Knit also has written up a nice write up on the lecture.

Friday's class was really good. I found that I can actually read a chart. I thought for years that they were so overwhelming that I would cringe and pick a pattern that was written out instead. However, she broke it down in such a manner that I actually get it! So, me and my seasilk are working on a lace pattern called Coraline! How great is that?

I have to say I'm SO GLAD I went!

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