Monday, January 25, 2010

A little yarn candy

My MIL had an interesting way to present me with a Christmas gift. I opened up a package and in it was a ball of yarn.

You know the kind, you start off winding it around one of your fingers and keep going until it is the size of a baseball or melon?! In fact being that it is so dense you could probably do some damage if it got a good wack to send it sailing!

I asked if I could cheat in the unwinding process. I mean we had a meal to eat and all, let us not delay food. So, out came the trusty old winding machine, the ball went into a box at my feet and a winding I went. I ended up with a very tiny box and in it was a bit of money specifically for the purchase of yarn.

So, off to one of my favorite yarn shops I go: The Loopy Ewe! I use a bit more funds from another gift certificate I received and scored these two gems:

Yarn: Handmaiden Sea Three
Colorway: Twilight
Weight: Worsted
Yardage: 254 yards

I'm in love! These colors are right up my alley...the medium to dark blue and then the black. Well, between those two colors you have accounted for 92.6458% of my work wardrobe!

I have a few patterns I'm thinking of using these for. I'll keep you posted. As you know I have a shawl and scarf that need attention.

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