Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Knitted Christmas Presents....part 1

I know I said earlier this year I was spending the year knitting for myself. However, I knew it really wasn't going to happen. I bargained with myself that I would knit one special item and a few little ones.

So, for my special item, I decided to gift the Le Petit Pont scarf. I truly am in love with this scarf, as you heard me say a few times this past fall, the pattern was great, the yarn was dreamy. Off to my nephew's long time girlfriend's home it went. She has beautiful brown hair and I know it will be in a good home.
The next couple of gifts were sent across the country. I used the Dish Rag Tag pattern. I know they will be used for many a dishes!
I also was able to knit up the martini dishcloth for my sister-in-law. I now want to make myself one.
I totally ran out of time, so it went out the door unblocked so I could also knit her a little something else to keep warm. However I'll have to keep you in suspense until tomorrow...

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