Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day Seven: Your knitting and crochet time

My knitting time is generally at home. When you have to drive yourself to/from work, the commute can't really be knitting time.

I've been known to bring a travel knitting project with me in the car to knit some stitches before I head into my office building. I know if I have a tough day ahead it will help to break up a traffic filled commute and the office as knitting truly is calming for me.

Most of my knitting projects are TV knits. I can easily continue knitting with the drama shows I tend to watch at night. I do love my lace projects however, the complicated rows are saved for weekends or for TV shows I have no interest in watching.

My place of knitting is on my sofa. Surrounded by my laptop - need to be only an arms length from Ravelry!

I also always bring knitting with me on vacation. There is so much time in airports, planes, hotel rooms, etc. I will also plan ahead with my vacation knitting to have always CO first and try to get through one repeat of the pattern if it allows before I leave home.

WOW! I did it! I blogged for 7 days in a row. Amazing.

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