Monday, October 13, 2014

Stitches East 2014 Stash Enhancements

Well, there was a bit of stash enhancements purchased at Stitches.

Each year there is a map released through Ravelry that shows the layout of the convention center with the names of the vendors in their locations. Well, the OCD in me takes this map, color codes the vendors to visit, makes the list of what to get, and off I go.

This year I had ordered, for pickup at Stitches, a Bison/Silk kit from The Buffalo Wool Co. I had heard that you cannot be allergic to bison as you can be from sheep/wool. I was really looking forward to trying this new yarn.

They were easy to Knitters Universe had allowed them to bring their van onto the convention floor! Very cool!

Within my kit, was 800+ yards of Bison/Silk, beads, shawl pattern...and a little friend:

I also knew if I was going to continue to knit more toe up socks I needed more Hiya Hiya needles. So, here is the obligatory purchase photo:

  • Lisa Souza - Bombxy Silk in Bayberry Colorway, 1094 yards
  • Fiberlady - Makicot Bamboo/Cotton; Blue Hues, 335 yards
  • Fiberlady - Mousou Bamboo; Purple/Rose, 650 yards
  • The Buffalo Wool Co. - Bison Down/Silk; Natural, 800 yards
  • Cast off Bind off Book by Leslie Bestor
  • Hiya Hiya Sharp Needles - US 1.5, 3, 4; All 32" (2 pairs of each)
  • Nicholas & Felice aluminum 'Bow' shawl pin
  • Michelle's Assortment Straight Pin with blue bead
  • Blue Beads, 8mm
 Not too bad!

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