Monday, November 3, 2014

About these socks...

or rather FINISHED socks!

Ok, so I need to tie in the ends and block them. I'm still calling them finished. The yarn you see on the left is the only yarn left.

Pattern: Self improvised, trying on as I went
Yarn: Universal Yarn Bamboo Pop
Colorway; Happy Birdies
Yardage: 292 yards
Needles: US 2
Ravelry Page

These were my 4th pair of socks I've knit. The prior 3 were knit cuff down and I didn't enjoy them very well. I do not care for picking up stitches. However, thank you Sarah Peasley, I've learned how to knit socks toe up and have fallen in love with this method.

I think I'm going to CO a shawl, then another pair of socks. Why not?!

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