Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not sure where the remainder of November went...

However, when I left off I was literally heading out the door to Stitches East 2011.

Since I signed up for a class, I was able to head to the marketplace Thursday night. My list only had one thing on it, a DellaQ Double Interchangeable Case.

I also picked up a few other items;
  • Skein of Sylvie from Lisa Souza
  • Riveting by Kollage
  • Tundra by Rozetta (Universal Yarns)
  • Bonnie Jean Pattern by Kollage
  • Ribbon that says ‘Live Long Laugh Often Love Much’
  • DellaQ Double Interchangeable Needle Case

    Funny Story about the needle case. I had received an email from Della Q that they were going to be releasing that particular needle case in the Fall. I kept checking their website and just decided to email them. I received a prompt email back stating they would be bringing a limited few to Stitches.

    Needless to say I basically went right in the marketplace and made a beeline to the DellaQ booth. (which of course was one of the ones the furthest from the entrance doors!) and basically bought it at 5:10 PM. Miss DellaQ was there and asked if I was the individual that had emailed....I had to confess and she was glad I been able to purchase one in my favorite color!

    I was then able to leisurely walk the rest of the floor. Sure enough I round a corner and who do I see, the fabulous Debbie Macomber with Christina Skye. So, I'm marking my life list as having met Debbie 3 times in one year!

    The class I took was 8 Empowering Edges. I have fallen in love with the wonderfully talented Chris Bylsma. She is so funny! She also explains things very clearly and her handout is quite helpful. I highly recommend taking a class from her. Now having sat through her class I know I can put a good edge on this afghan. I just need to finish these squares!!

    I have been knitting for Christmas presents - so I need to keep those off the blog for another couple of weeks. I also finished another afghan square, however I need to take a photo. Next time...