Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chevron is in timeout

I needed to have a couple of days of just not working on it. It is about 2 feet in length. I'm figuring I have about 2 1/2 more feet to go before I call it a FO. I also have just over 2 more balls of this yarn/colorway -  hence the approximation.

I've been concentrating on my tuscany shawl. I've been able to really make some big progress on it the past few days. It is amazing what you can get done working on a project that you enjoy - unlike SOME projects (~cough~chevron~cough~).

If you have followed my blog for sometime you already know how much I love the Handmaiden Sea Silk. I've used it in so many projects, recently in the present for my SIL this past Christmas. This particular colorway, called pumpkin, is so appealing to me.

I love how the various shades of orange come through. You also see that is isn't a bright orange, but a warm orange. I truly can not wait to finish this shawl and be able to block it. I've seen through my past projects with sea silk how the stitch definition really comes out when it is properly blocked.

I did put this on the scale it is 52 grams. I have 48 still left in the ball. So, I'll be curious how many more rows I can go with this.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A little yarn candy

My MIL had an interesting way to present me with a Christmas gift. I opened up a package and in it was a ball of yarn.

You know the kind, you start off winding it around one of your fingers and keep going until it is the size of a baseball or melon?! In fact being that it is so dense you could probably do some damage if it got a good wack to send it sailing!

I asked if I could cheat in the unwinding process. I mean we had a meal to eat and all, let us not delay food. So, out came the trusty old winding machine, the ball went into a box at my feet and a winding I went. I ended up with a very tiny box and in it was a bit of money specifically for the purchase of yarn.

So, off to one of my favorite yarn shops I go: The Loopy Ewe! I use a bit more funds from another gift certificate I received and scored these two gems:

Yarn: Handmaiden Sea Three
Colorway: Twilight
Weight: Worsted
Yardage: 254 yards

I'm in love! These colors are right up my alley...the medium to dark blue and then the black. Well, between those two colors you have accounted for 92.6458% of my work wardrobe!

I have a few patterns I'm thinking of using these for. I'll keep you posted. As you know I have a shawl and scarf that need attention.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Still knitting on this chevron scarf

For those of you who have knit a chevron scarf you know what I mean! This seems like it is going on FOREVER! Much like an online friend shared, she used sport weight to speed things along or she was going to poke her eyes out with the needles!

So, here is a photo of my progress. I've probably added another couple of inches after I took this picture this morning. I figured I might as well snap the shot then, as the sun was shining and it was beautiful. However, not for long, the weather man says prepare for 'ponds' during your morning commute! Fabulous!!

My tuscany shawl is in the same place it was the end of December. I've been trying to divide my time between this scarf - as it would be nice to wear it this winter, stealth knitting (more on that in about a week) and studying for a big test I have coming up. It also doesn't help that my work hours have been long - since the new boss LOVES 4PM meetings!

You know the kind of meetings were there is no way to leave around 5PM as there are still 6 items left to discuss on the agenda! She is such a peach.

In my recent blogging about gifts I got side tracked from the bunny photos. So here you go: this little cutie was given to me from my MIL for Christmas this year.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Finale

We celebrated our final Christmas tonight. So, here are the final knitted gifts.

This was my secret project from earlier this year. It was for my mother-in-law.

Pattern: One Row Scarf by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Yarn: Schaefer Yarn Sandra
Colorway: Empress Wu Zhao
Yardage: 222 yards
Needles: US 7 mm
Co: 26 stitches

You may remember me blogging about that scarf earlier this year. I documented it in black and white, as to not give anything away.

The next scarf was for my DH's Aunt. Her name begins with the letter "P". This is the one I documented after I learned to design my own shawls thanks to Amy Singer!

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton
Colorway: Blush
Needles: US 9mm
Yardage: 170 yards
Co: 28 stitches

Now that this holiday is over time to start thinking about next years! :-)

Actually I have a tuscany shawl and chevron scarf that need to be completed. They have both been given a back seat throughout this holiday season.

The weather calls for snow from tonight straight through until Sunday. I will be knitting away and singing "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"