Monday, May 28, 2007

First Pair of Socks Completed

Yahoo!! I finished my first pair of socks. I started them April 1, 2007 and just finished them at 5:05 PM on May 28, 2007.

Overall, I'm pleased that they are done, but I need to make some improvements along the gusset, I do have a gap - where I should have picked up another stitch on the left side of each sock. I also completed the kitchener stitch better on the left sock than the right (first one).

I guess it just proves that practice makes perfect!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dottie is coming home

I scored big yesterday. I receive the email updates from Julie of Little Cotton Rabbits of when the new products are going to go up for sale. Well, 10 little critters were going up at 5 on Saturday and well, let us just say I had to put off going to dinner to keep hitting reload on her sale page! I was successful in that I scored Dottie!! I'm thrilled!! She will look great on my wall of unique rabbits from all over the country however, now I can say all over the world.

I'm at the point with my socks that I can start the toe decreases. Now the question is: Can I finish by Thursday - May 31, 2007? Stay tuned...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Appliance Week

So much for relaxation continuing into this week.

We came back from vacation to learn that our dishwasher had a recall on it...fires had occurred. However, knowing that another 2.5 million dishwasher owners are in the same boat is of little comfort. So, being that we are going to be 'gutting' the kitchen within a year, we opted for a new model verses a repair. Ours was 9 years old and ready over the pass couple weeks it had been dripping. Fortunately, we lucked out, I feel back for those that just bought a dishwasher and only get either $150. or $300. for a new one. Check your serial number out here:

The DH put our new one in tonight. No more fire hazard.

Of course, the spending couldn't stop there. Our grill also is falling by the wayside. It is beyond just having some rust patches. The DH has been wanting a new stainless steel Weber one for a while. We want to have a little Memorial Day grilling, so off to the store again. Doesn't the DH look great by his new grill?

I have less than 3 inches left to finish my socks. Yipee!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back from Spring Vacation

All nice and relaxed!

I didn't get too much finished on my socks. I was really hoping to finish them, but we know I aim really high. However, I did make a good effort. We were also in search of a LYS while on vacation. I found this in a bookstore:

The label reads "Cup of Yarn; Passion Fruit Scarf; Ingredients for a full length scarf included". It is 100% acrylic 270 yards with 3mm needles. However, not one LYS to be found.

In coming back home, I was thrilled to see my No Sheep Swap Pal had sent me an email. I then sent one to the individual I was given. Hopefully, I'll hear back soon...then I can have an excuse to head to a yarn store.

Also, today is my sister's Birthday. This photo is for her. The DH found it on our vacation. (she loves pigs as much as I love rabbits!) We were driving around the town and DH says did you see that pig? I am driving...hello, I'm not looking at the tops of houses?! So, I turn the car around and he was kind enough to stand in the middle of the road to grab the shot. Of course, he had to stand in the road for a bit until the pig turned around.
Off to unpack and do laundry.

Monday, May 7, 2007

A gusset

Well, I did it! I just have to catch the second sock up to this point. I'd really like these completed in time for the weekend, so we will see how this week goes. back to the socks.

Friday, May 4, 2007

To everything TURN..

Well I finally took the plunge. I made the turn. Now I feel like a heel because it was easy. I don't know what I was all worked up about.

Don't these two heels look fab?
Now how do I do the gusset?