Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The end of the year

Can I say with a deep breathe...FINALLY!? The year for me, as I sit here and reflect started out really well. We took a couple of vacations, including one out of the country. I purchased a vehicle that I'm totally in love with (which after 6 months of driving it, is really saying something about it!!). We completed a few small improvements on the house, not including one LARGE shed!

As for the craft front, I've learned how to stamp into silver and make some different jewelry pieces. I learned to knit a button hole. I also figured out how to make a hat that actually fits someone very special to me, my SLG, using circular needles. I started and finished my third pair of socks...I've purchased quite a bit of yarn this year, however it still fits in my bag, sort of ;-) which will allow me to continue to knit all 2009 without having to buy a single skein!

My DH and I have had more than our shares of troubles these past few months, however, so I do hope for positive news soon!

I've never been one to make resolutions for each up coming year. As it bothers me if I don't make it, so instead I go for hopes. Hope is something we could all use in our lives!

My hopes for the next year:
  • A job for my DH
  • More selling in my industry (=more staff)
  • Better health for my Aunt
  • A diamond ring for my sister
  • A year of happiness for my dearest friend
As for me personally:
  • Make more time for my hobbies
  • Spend more time on my Wii
  • Pass my final designation test (on the 1st try, to continue my current 6 in a row record!)
Bunny time...
Another bunny from the tree. This is a Hallmark one that DH and I bought it 11 years ago. How can you resist?!

Happy New Year to you!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Handmade Christmas

As is my normal custom, I made a couple of people handmade items for Christmas. One of the items I was very proud of this year was this necklace:Sorry for the awful photo! As is also my custom, the gift was not ready until the last minute and I had to take a photo without the light tent, so it could be wrapped and handed off for delivery in mere minutes.

I bought the SS box chain, the SS pendants and I used my stamping die kit (see the blog here). It took me a few practice tries to get the actual stamping to come out correctly. I highly recommend the 1lb hammer that she sells on her website.

I did not use the liver of sulfur she recommends to produce the black effect within the stamped letters. I went instead with a Sharpie pen and sterling silver cloth cleaner. It works quite well...although it will need to be repeated with excessive wearing.

The Swarovski crystals are the kids birthstones. I do hope the recipient enjoys it!

My DH and I had quite a quiet Christmas this year. We opened gifts when we got up and spent the rest of the day watching some movies that Santa had left.

I did receive a couple of items that were on my list. I loved this mug when I saw it from Rohanknitter. DH was able to purchase one from our local Starbucks.He also purchase a couple of items from one of my favorite stores:I've also taken another photo of my bunnies around the house. I'm staying with ones from the tree, as it will be taken down shortly. This is a hand sewn rabbit. Her dress is crocheted.

Be sure to come back, as I'll be showing off more handmade Christmas gifts as the recipients receive them!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

December 25th

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

This is one of my favorite rabbits that we hang on the tree. It was made by a close friend of the family, Ruby, who has since passed away. She was a wonderful jewelry maker and used her talents to make ornaments for the Christmas season. This is made out of aluminum and she used her punch and die sets to create various notations in the aluminum. Such talent!!

Once we have completed celebrating Christmas with everyone I can then show you the handmade presents. We have 3 celebrations to go, since only my DH and I have exchanged gifts so far and let me tell you he certainly made this Christmas a wonderful one!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Electricity anyone?

Well, what a few days we have had here. We lost our power on Thursday night...along with power we lost water, heat, cable etc.

We spent an extremely cold Friday being 'tough' and sticking it out. Friday night the temperature inside the house dropped to 40 degrees. It was that type of bone chilling temp that you just can't stop shivering from....we lasted until Saturday morning when we reached out to dear friends of ours.

You see, these dear friends, moved from one house to another during this wonderful storm we had. However, fortunately for us, the house they moved from was still vacant, had heat and water.

So, squatters we became. We packed up two folding chairs, air bed, pillows, Ms. "B" and off we went.

Today is now Tuesday, we JUST got back our power, heat, water and cable a mere 6 hours ago. As thankful as we are to our dear friends, we are extremely glad to be back home.

With everything going on around this household this past few months I do hope that 2009 brings us more happiness and security for us.

As for your bunny a blog...the camera needs a little longer to warm up. Next time, I promise! How about the new winter banner up top?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Suprise Bunny

My DH purchased this rabbit for me while we were on vacation in NH. We came across this huge craft store and while I was looking at something on a different floor he was cashing out with this little bunny.

I'm still in the same location for my orange scarf. I had been quite ill since Thanksgiving and couldn't even get up to eat never mind knit.

I'm finally feeling good enough to get back into the swing of things. So, I should have some progress shortly.

We also put up the Christmas tree yesterday and there are now more bunnies in the house out for display. I'll have to start showing you those next time.