Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New hobby

Well sort of, as I'm calling it a take off of my jewelry/bead making.

You see DH and I made a pact that we were not going to purchase gifts for each other on our anniversary.
Someone stayed true to this pact, while someone did not.

Now, please do not get me wrong, I LOVE receiving presents! However, if you make a pact, it should be agreed to with no deviations...especially when I am the person that did stick to the pact.

So, needless to say my DH scored some major points this year with this:
It is a Say It On Your Wrist Kit from Beaducation. I had found the kit a couple of months back and suggested that I would love to try die punching on sterling silver. Who knew that I would actually end up with the kit! I am just thrilled!!!

I have to say my DH is AWESOME! THANK YOU!!!! :-) This weekend I should have pictures to show you, once I get my first bracelet completed.

In the knitting department I have my first official frogged project. I was waiting for my eye doctor the other day and while sitting there knitting I realized I made a very noticeable mistake. There is a part of me that is like 'let it go and just finish it', 'these are only just for you, so it isn't a big deal'...while the other part of me is like "a mistake is going to drive you nuts', 'it will be the only thing you will be able to concentrate on', and you will not be happy with them.

SO....a frogging of the left mitt we go. (and no there will be no photos of this)

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