Saturday, August 9, 2008

Webs, visit #2

DH and I went to WEBS on one of our days off. I have to say I was less overwhelmed than the first time I went last year.

We planned well, stopped and got something to eat first at the Northampton Brewery. Then to Webs with the list in tow. We also had time to stop at the Webs Bead store.

Without further ado, here is a photo of the loot:2 Socks At A Time Book by Melissa Morgan Oaks
2 - 32" 3mm Lantern Moon Circular Needles
5 - Rowan Cotton Rope in Orange
4 - Tahki Classic Cotton in Blue/Teal/Purple
4 - Tahki Classic Cotton in Red/Orange/Plum
1 - Rowan Calmer in Pink
2 - Rowan Calmer in White
1 - Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in Coral
2 - Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in Lush
2 - Mission Falls 1824 in Cardinal
1 - Cascade Fixation Yarn in Navy
1 - Rope maker

I would love to share what each of these yarns are destined for, however some of those individuals read this blog and well, that would be given away too much. So, stay tuned to see the projects as they unfold, or rather get completed.

I've spent a great deal of time tonight getting Ravelry updated with the photos, so next entry will be ocean photos!

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