Saturday, November 24, 2007

No more colds

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.

We are finally back on our feet after battling colds for the past three weeks, hence the absence from the blog. The house is also now back in order. Ahhhhh. :-)

We had a nice low key day today. I talked my DH into helping me construct and decorate a Gingerbread house. It was about 2 hours of fun...and I can't say how much sugar we ate, it was alot! I mean we had to taste test it. ;-) Here is the final result:I also have a pair of socks to show you the progress on.I really haven't worked on them in a bit, something about when you are sick all you want to do is chill and do something mindless. Knitting for me is not mindless.

We've also hired a contractor to work on our shed. He is going to get it weather tight for us. DH and I came to that conclusion that being outside working in 30 degree weather was not helping us stay healthy. I wish that we had started the shed earlier but that wasn't in the cards. It is disappointing that we can not call it 100% built by us. We will also be penny pinching through the end of the year to pay this contractor.

Off to get some knitting done as these socks need to be done by Christmas!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

DH is sick

So, the shed still looks like it did all last week. Part of me is jumping for was really cold this weekend, the other part of me is freaking out because as the end of the year gets closer it gets even colder.

I ordered some flannel lined jeans today. Hopefully they will be here by the end of the week to save me from getting hives this weekend.

Anyone know of a contractor willing to put a roof on a 14'x16' shed? Homeowners willing to pay cash in exchange for labor. I figure it would take someone who knows what they are doing one day.

I'll leave you with a nice sky picture to bring on a smile. The rainbow was much brighter in person.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Faded Jeans

Here are what my socks look like moments ago:
I love the way the color is coming out and the pattern. I've been using K2P2 alternating each round.

I said that I wanted to be done with these before Christmas...well then I looked back at how long it took me to knit my first pair of socks and it was two months. If I finished these prior to Christmas that will be 3 each pair is now taking longer than the prior ones? This just isn't right! I need to spend more time knitting.

This shed project is putting a damper in my knitting time. Actually I could blame my job as well. Since we are building the shed by ourselves (and not having the weather cooperating all the time), we'll need at least another month on it and since my job pays for the bills...can't give that up either. Bummer.

Check out this sky we had one night this week. The colors were so vivid.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I did it...

signed up for:I figured that I'll try it out for one year and see how I like it. I'm kinda of excited about it! I love getting presents and this will be one every other month in 2008.

My weekend did not go as planned. I expected to have the entire day on Saturday for craft projects. Well...I had just a few hours, I can thank the coastal storm - Noel. It brought downpours, which made DH's plans shortened and brought him home much earlier than expected.

So, I ended up reading more than knitting and surfing on site called Ravelry. You may have heard about it!? ;-)

I know you are waiting patiently to see the sock progress and well, I'm such a tease and you'll just have to wait a little longer.

As for the shed, it is going along sooo slowly. This 40 degree weather is really hard to work in. Besides the fact we found and had to resolve a major flaw in the blueprints. They had the beam over a foot lower than it should have been and it wasn't matching up to the roof we had to call on an engineering friend to help redesign. Thank you Zoot!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Well that went well, I think

It appears, I stress the word APPEARS that the notification about my promotion went over okay. Also, for those who are keeping track...I wore dress pants and a sweater. Even though it was Halloween I still skipped the Halloween socks.

36 hours to a day just for me! WOO HOO!! I've been working on my socks every night this week. So I can't wait to show you how far they have come...but I think I'm going to keep you in suspense until this weekend.

I also have a dilemma. Do I sign up for the 2008 Socks that Rock Sock Club? I would like to try it out for at least a year but it is costly then again I just got a raise, but do I want to spend it on this? Then again, it is for 6 skeins of hand dyed yarn, bunch of fun stuff, coupons and patterns. I can't use the excuse of spending that kind of money before Christmas, as they take it out in January. I guess I'll think about it and make my mind up tomorrow.

I'm spending way too much time on Ravelry. Pretty soon I'm going to need a 12 step program for it.

How about another warm weather photo to leave you with? This one is from a month ago. Imagine that, October 1 and I still had Morning Glories in full bloom!