Monday, March 24, 2008

'Cause you had a bad day...

Remember the song with that line in it? Happy listening.

Happy belated Easter! I hope the Easter bunny was good to you. S/He certainly was to me. Want to see the best gift s/he left:
Yes, that would be 8 boxes of Paas Easter Egg Dye Packages, WOO HOO!! This would be to dye the white yarn that I just purchased from The Loopy Ewe! I also got the candy as well, but this was a great surprise!

I've also been knitting. I told you that I had. Now, I finally have the photos to prove it.

I couldn't believe how close I was to the toe decreases when I got them on the sock blockers. I was then going to start the decreasing tonight, however I'm going to wait until I have a better day (hence the song in my title) - as I'm a bit afraid that I would mess up my gauge.

I love the pattern I'm doing on these. It is a K2 P2 from the cuff all the way down. Very easy!

I'm hoping to have them done this weekend. However, I would not take a bet on that.

I did let that employee I spoke about this weekend go today. It turned into a crazy fest with the broker they supported having a hissy fit at what I had to do. Can you imagine being a 40+ year old man and storming around like a 6 year old having a fit? Some people {eyes rolling}. I mean come on, grow up and act your age. Hello... they were not doing their job, they were not working the scheduled hours, they were lying on their time sheet? Can you say grounds for dismissal after doing these things even AFTER being put on probation? Enough said... so please be quiet hissy man.

So - for me this means taking over this individual's job, supporting hissy fit man, training 2 other new employees, keeping another one on track, conducting my own management duties and past position that I held all during the busiest time of the year for our company....I'm thinking this week may just cost me another 3+ pounds in stress eating alone!

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