Saturday, March 22, 2008

When it rains it pours...

If you want to see/hear about knitting and beading come back for the next post.

**Warning this blog entry has been known to raise blood pressure.**

Things around here have been in a word, stressful. I thought after I passed my test for the month we'd have smooth sailing. Let me list all those thing that have occurred since then:
  • DH's car was hit by a tractor trailers' mud flap; it caused scratching to hood, front quarter panel, windshield and took off side mirror ($)
  • DH got a speeding ticket ($$)
  • DH hit a car that decided to cut in front of him to take a left hand turn from the oncoming lane ($$$)
  • DH is completing the crown/root canal on his tooth ($$$)
  • It cost $$$$ to fill oil tank
  • I have to fire someone on Monday
  • I killed another plant
  • I haven't been sleeping
  • I haven't been knitting :-(
  • I'm gaining weight like no tomorrow due to my stress eating UGH UGH!!!
  • Found out wonderful neighbors are putting their house on the market in two weeks
Please tell me that we won the lottery last night?

**More positive blog post next time.**

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