Friday, May 23, 2008

Back from vacation

Ahhh it is so nice to be home. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love going on vacation - however there is something to be said about coming home.

Our new camera took some wonderful shots of Mystic, CT. It was amazing that I could take a shot through a window and have it actually come out. There is this 'aquarium' setting on the camera that make it appear that the glass between you and the object you are taking a photo of, is not there. The best part is that you can just put the setting on 'auto' and press the shutter. Viola!

One of the reasons we went into that area was Mystic River Yarns store. Sina was holding some yarn for me that I need for my next project (details in next post). Then, I couldn't resist buying another skein of yarn that I swore 'spoke to me'.

We stayed at the Whaler's Inn. Of which was really nice and you could not beat the location! We were able to keep the car in their parking lot and just walk to everything. Ideal!

I'll have pictures of things in my next post...need to install the camera software and get the pics into a lower resolution.

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