Thursday, June 5, 2008

Still working on it...

that would be how to make web ready photos from our new camera. It can't be as difficult as I'm making it, I mean come on my nickname at work is "computer geek". They call me when they have computer troubles, so why in the world is this hanging me up??

One word: time. I haven't had the time to full ready the manual and software. So...for the time being this is a picture-less blog.

I'm still working on my Cascade Fixation Summer Socks. I got the heels turned, gussets are complete and I'm working on the decreases on the foot sides. WOO HOO! These are going so fast I love it!

I've also completed three new necklaces. I've worn two of them at work and received many compliments on them. One is a top drilled peacock pearl necklace. I made it only 16 1/2 inches so it lies flat yet up close to the neck area. The other is a lepidolite stone in a teardrop shape. I used crimps to hold it and put a few crystals in a complementary color on each side, however I used crimps to hold them in place. It looks like a delicate piece since I do not have beads all around the wire, however I know it will stand up to most anything. I love the look of it. The last one is light green pearls with off white pearls, very simple and will go well with a green shirt I have.

Our neighbors have officially moved. It is just so sad. They are ultimately moving down south however, they didn't expect their house to sell so quickly (within a week of going on the market!) they are moving into an apartment a town over. I miss them already!

I also got in my 3rd Rockin Sock Club Yarn. This month's colorway is The Incredible Shrinking Violet. It is many different colors of purple and is my favorite so far.

Well that is about all the happenings around here. I promise pictures of all the above next time with the vacation photos I promised last blog post!

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