Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas for my sister

I originally knit my sister a Calorimetry. This would have been back a few months ago. You know how I've blogged about my love of this knitted project. How the Calorimetry works well with people with really long hair yet keeps them warm.

Well, she went and cut her hair quite the calorimetry got re-knit a bit thinner. I sewed the button on, tried it on myself a few times and I was pleased with the fit (her and I have about the same length hair now). So far so good!

My sister loves cute pigs as much as I love rabbits. So, I found this company that is featured on the Ph@ntom Gourmet. It is the When Pigs Fly bakery . I bought her this cute mug that changes pictures when a hot beverage is placed in the cup. The black pigs turn into small pink pigs with wings! Too cute!!

(no idea why that is not turning correctly!) So, I THOUGHT she was done for Christmas. A handmade gift and a little purchased gift. Check her off the list.

Then, she just happens to mention that when I get good enough to knit fingerless mitts she wants a pair. Good enough? (yes that was the exact term she used!) Well, you know me and challenges. I was determined to make her a perfect pair of fingerless mitts. I mean come on how hard can be be, I've made 3 pairs of socks, I know how to knit in the round.

The issue was that I didn't know what type of fingerless mitts she wanted and it isn't like I wanted to ask her details. Do I make individual fingers, or just an individual thumb, fancy pattern or basic rib...decisions decisions.

Well, I tried one mitt via DPN's. It wasn't going too well. In my sock knitting I was always had a knit stitch between the two needles, while the pattern for the fingerless mitts was a purl. I was having too much give between needles. So, I worked the pattern knitting them flat and figured I could test out my seaming abilities. Now that was going to be my challenge!

Off I went, one prototype pair of mitts later and my seaming was turning out much better on the second mitt. Off to make the final pair!

Now she was officially done! Thank goodness, as I still had a couple of more handmade items to finish.

Christmas Eve came and I received a call from her, she had just been presented with an engagement ring from her long time BF. So, now I was over the moon with that fabulous news, as I knew that fingerless mitts were going to go over big since she could keep her hands warm yet show off her ring at the same time! Score one for the knitter!

Christmas Day her BF presents her with a coffee machine, score two - as I got her a pig mug!

As it all turned out for the best, I do believe she liked her gifts, and the stories that went along with them.

I have to say, I'm SO excited for her on this big change in her life. She deserves something great and I do believe she has the right partner for life! Of course, we do have a photo of her ring (disregard the beaded ring in front, as it is holding on her engagement ring from falling off!)

Now should I go back and make a third pair of fingerless mitts with a hole in them, so the ring can show through?

Somehow I do not think so!

As for what I received for Christmas....I'll tell you next time along with more of my handmade Christmas gifts.

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