Sunday, April 11, 2010

April color

It is all around us. It seems that the week straight of rain (or so it seemed!) combined with 3 days over 75 degrees has made for bright color and severe pollen levels. So, between my extra long days at work and feeling under the weather (allergies) the blog has been quiet.

Here are my knitting updates:

I did get through Chart A on my Ishbel. (YAY!) I am now on Row 2 of Chart B. I'm only working on it during the weekends, hence why it is going so slow.

I'm still working on my Chevron Scarf. I am almost done with ball #3, so just one more to go!

I've also been adding to my Ravelry que, so I'm up to 55 patterns I would like to make! YIKES! I best get better and keep those knitting needles flying!

Until next time....

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