Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Stash

I've been a web lurker lately. I've been staying in touch with my favorite blogs over the past few weeks, however, I've been absent from my own.

In my reading the blogs of others, I've almost always found a stash photo. Some of those photos have made my jaw drop with how many skeins or rooms they take over, while others have been, in my opinion, very manageable. It was time for me to take a photo of my entire stash.

So, what exactly is in my stash?

Starting at the top left to right (clockwise) is my Cascade Fixation, Rowan Cotton, SR Kertzer, Crystal Palace Panda Cotton, Handmaiden Sea Three & Sea Silk, Ultimate Cotton, Artful Yarns Fable, Knit One Crochet Two, Sugar 'N Creme, Lorna's Laces Pearl, Schoeller & Stahl Sockina, Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, Rowan Cotton Tweed, Ellyn Cooper Canasta, Tahki Cotton Classic, Sugar Bunny Boulevard, Classic Elite, Stacy Charles Kyoto.

I think my stash falls under the manageable category. It isn't a stash that I have more than I'll ever knit. The best part is it still all fits into one LLBean zippered canvas tote bag. When I use a skein I can buy one. It works for me. Although I have slipped a bit at times, however before anyone noticed the yarn has been knit up.

As I get better with knitting socks and hit my goal of learning the magic loop method I see the using up of the Panda Cotton. Many of the lace skeins are matched up to shawl patterns in my Ravelry que. I even have my skeins to make a bunny, of course!

The only skeins missing are those current WIP's, white Panda Cotton (for dying) and my Tussah Silk.

Not surprising is the lack of wool, angora, cashmere, alpaca etc.  as those would not work well with my allergies.

What I do find interesting are my color selections. You see a heavy influence of my favorite color - blue. Yet, there are some happy colors, bright orange from Tahki, bright colors from Ellyn Cooper and a rose color from Universal Yarns. I even bought bright orange Panda Cotton for socks.

I'm off to make some more bread as this loaf has disappeared already!

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  1. Lovely stash and such great yarns. I have a tendency to buy blue yarns too -- have been noticing that lately so I need to expand my color choices next shopping spree.