Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who did I meet at Stitches?

The one and only Debbie Macomber! Not only did she sign my Twenty Wishes book (my favorite!), also my Blossom Street pattern book, she stood for a photo.

She is just so cute in person! She has a wonderful personality and even though I'm standing there in complete awe she was so easy to talk with. She even commented that my husband was a 'good man' in coming to the show with me. Yes, I would have to agree! She jokingly said that her husband wished she had named her book 3 Wishes, as she would have been home sooner.

Next on my list of must meet up with and say hello was Carrie aka IrishgirlieKnits. I hold her personally responsible for getting me hooked on Knit Picks needles from the first Ravelry message back in 2008!
I had never met her in person, however felt like I knew her so well. She is wearing one of her latest designs, Pont Neuf.   Also, if you do not follow her blog, you should! You can find it here.

In fact, I purchase two of hers at the show, Bellingrath & Le Petit Pont. I actually started knitting Le Petit Pont that night. Her patterns are so nice and easy to read. I highly recommend them. However that is another story for another time!

After meeting who I wanted to, and hitting those booths I was tired! Off to the hotel and a solid meal!


  1. ZOMG. I cannot believe we did not meet up. It has been ages since we met online in the bunny world!! =:8

  2. ZOMG. I had no idea you would be at STITCHES East! It has been ages since we met online in the bunny world. =:8