Monday, July 18, 2011

GAA Orange?!

Yes I'm adding orange. The color is actually a burnt orange that goes really well with the navy blue and dark green.
I had some time out on the deck yesterday and managed to get this much done of the next square. I should be able to finish this with another free night at some point this week.

I've really thought about my color choices and I'm definitely sticking with the darker colors. However, that only gave me three colors when I really wanted to have a 4th. So, I just put in an order through Knit Picks for the Basalt Heather.

I think that is it! Now that I've decided on those, I feel much better about the afghan as a whole.
I'm also holding off purchasing the yarn for the edging, as I want to concentrate on knitting the squares, place them, knit them together THEN decide about the edge.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing know all those that I ignored during the week since I was busy knitting squares! 

We also had quite the meal on Saturday night as DH and I decided to have a surf and turf night.

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