Sunday, April 8, 2012

A what?!

A sweater. I'm finally knitting myself a sweater. My first.

In reading a Ravelry forum in where someone else posted they wanted to start their first sweater but realized something was holding them back. The group was stating basically go for it. There are no knitting 'police', take the time you need, and just do it. So, I took their advise and voila:

Pattern: Greenfield Cardigan
Source: New England Knits; Timeless Knitwear with a Modern Twist
Yarn: Cascade Ultra Pima
Colorway: Juniper
Needles: Knit Picks Circulars US 6 & US 8
Ravelry Page

I actually swatched for this! I know, amazing! I tried on the US 6 that the pattern suggests, however I wasn't making gauge. Tried US 7, still I ended up going up to US 8. I realize I'm a tight knitter, but 2 needle sizes...this better fit when I'm done knitting it! :-)

I've already made my first modification. Go ahead, ask me if I'm crazy to deviate from the written pattern on my FIRST sweater?! Well, in reading the reviews many people wished they had make the neck a bit smaller, so I started on the US 6 for the short rows, then changed to the US 8's.

I'm also participating in the Loopy Groupies Second Quarter Challenge. So, that means this sweater needs to be done by June 30. Notice I use the word 'needs to be', that is MY goal. Feel free to join us here.

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