Sunday, July 22, 2012

A baby, vacation and finished object

Not necessarily in that order.

Since I last posted, we went on vacation, a half done project was finished, but more importantly my sister gave birth to a beautiful little girl.

So, I officially introduce you to Lil' Miss!

As many of you know, my husband and I do not have any children of our own. After being a science experiment for more years than I care to recall, my husband and I realized we would forever just be a 'couple' not a 'family'.

So, for me, the arrival of Lil' Miss is the closest I will ever be to a next generation, blood relative. I shall forever be known as Aunt D. A position I'm taking quite seriously....

As you can see we already have quite the bond going there. That is the photo I have on my desk, and computer desktops, it always brings a smile to my face and a small chuckle - every time. In fact in that photo she looks exactly like my sister did as a newborn.

And as always, they grow up so fast. This is just 4 days later:
As she has totally stolen her parent's heart, she has mine as well. I look forward to watching her grow up, taking care of her, teaching her things and being there for whatever she may need. I hope at some point I can also say, the next generation knitter!

I'll share my vacation and FO's later and end with a note to Lil Miss.

Your Aunt D is so very glad you are here, arriving safely and being so perfect and beautiful in every way. I am so grateful that you brought other things to our attention at such an early point. I thank you for the joy and love you have brought into our hearts when you arrived! Now please just let your mommy get a couple more hours of sleep in a day...xo

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