Sunday, October 21, 2007

Even longer time

It isn't like I haven't been around. I've been here and there but mostly spending my internet hours on Ravelry. That site is way too addictive! It plays into my being organized streak. Where else can you catalog all your yarn by photo, type of yarn and be able to down an excel list to take with you!?

I also was a winner from I received an eebeads t-shirt and a $50 gift certificate back over the summer. I finally had some time to spend the gift certificate. I believe a new bracelet is in my immediate future!

The shed is progressing, a little slow but the overnight rains we've been having are not the time you give it a few hours in the morning to dry out.

I've had some time this past week to knit. I took Friday off to work on the shed, and well it poured. So, I continued on my Panda Cotton socks that I started in Florida 3 weeks ago. Here is what they looked like on Friday morning:

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