Sunday, October 28, 2007

It is October what....

28th! Where did October go?

I haven't had any time to spare. Work days are very long and I come home exhausted, and then our weekends are filled with shed building. Mark my words: I will never complain about an interior house project. It is flipping cold and breezy out there! My face is now bright red with wind/sun burn.

I'm fortunate to have an older winter jacket and a winter hat that is washable. I'm also glad that the gloves fit inside my leather work gloves.

I nearly gave up on the shed a couple of hours ago though. There is a beam that is made out of 2 2x10's that span 14 feet, in the middle of those two boards is a piece of plywood and on top is a 2x4. In other words a DANG HEAVY beam. I just could not lift it over 8 feet in the air. It just wasn't happening and no one was around to call for help. We finagled a way to get it close on a pile of left over boards...just hoping that the wind wouldn't pick up until it was securely nailed. It got pretty hairy there for a time. However, it is all up now and we are breathing a big sigh of relief.

I'm really looking forward to this coming Saturday. My DH is off on his 'guys weekend' and I plan on knitting and cutting/sewing up lounge pants I'm making for him. It sure beats paying $15.00 for a pair and I think I'm going to enjoy this easy project.

Here is where I wish I was (Bermuda):

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