Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Ok, why is it like 60 degrees outside on a weekday, when on the weekends it is in the 40's? Doesn't Mother Nature realize that we are trying in earnest to finish this shed and would greatly appreciate the 60 degree weather on the weekend?

Tomorrow is the official announcement at work about my promotion. They are also announcing the moving of my boss to another department and the splitting of the team. This should be interesting at best. I'm debating on what to wear...a nice suit (come off as I mean business), pants/sweater (=trying to fit in somewhere between those that work underneath me and those that work above me) or casual pants/shirt (=not taking this too seriously or coming off as a bit threat). Hmmmm...decisions, decisions, maybe I should call my fashion buyer/consultant, BE! :-)

As the DH has reminded me, I haven't posted my vacation pics from Daytona Beach. You can find them on my Flickr account here: Enjoy!

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