Sunday, December 9, 2007

A rose by any other name...

My very dear friend gave me a special present on Friday night. Isn't it absolutely beautiful?The rose was part of a relaxation package that included 4 books that I hadn't read yet. Which, if you have seen my excel file (yes I keep track of my books in an excel file!) is utterly impressive! I put it centrally located, so I can see it from where I sit now and it makes me smile when I look at it.
Thank you very much BE! :-)

I also picked up my sock blockers from the post office. WOW are they big. I never realized in seeing these blockers in other peoples blog how truly big they are. No wonder why my first pair of socks are too short for my liking. So, more knitting is necessary for the socks I'm currently working on.

The other good news is that Dave the contractor started on our shed on Saturday! WOO HOO!! He is hoping to finish it this week. Double WOO HOO!!

We also took Bianca to the vet. She had to have her blood drawn for a recheck of her levels. We are hoping that they stayed the same or went down. While we were waiting for the vet to come in the room we let her out on the floor and it didn't take her very long to start doing laps around the entire room. She was such a good bunny during the visit! Once she was home she was back to being 'Ms. Lounge-Bun':

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