Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Still have not gone to PO

I don't know why it is taking me so long to head to the post office to pick up my Loopy Ewe order that includes my sock blockers. You'd think I'd be thrilled that they are just waiting for me so close by and actually want to get them ASAP to try my socks in progress on the blockers. Yet, every morning I'm rushing out to get to work, on time, so I do not get there.

Now, granted the PO is in a different direction than the way to work, so technically it is out of the way, and that the temperature is like 15 degrees when I leave for work, who wants to get back out into the is bad enough I don't have a remote starter nor a garage and sit and shiver in the car for an hour (ok. minutes, but it feels like longer) before leaving. The PO also closes before I even leave work at nights, so that is out. I may have to either make the effort tomorrow morning or wait until Saturday.

I haven't been doing much knitting since the last knitting photo. I've been spending more time on Ravelry.

I really need to enter an online addict 12 step program. That site is so addictive. You can oooooh and ahhhh over all these beautiful knitting projects that I could do, maybe not today but someday. You can hang up in the group section and listen to people posting what they are working on. In fact the other day I found a group on Knitters who love African Violets. I found out I need to move my plants to a better side of the house for more blooms...who knew!? :-)

Off to check has been about 10 minutes since I was there last and well I'm starting to have the shakes! I'll leave you with Ms. B.:

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