Monday, December 31, 2007

It's the holiday season

well, technically it is between Christmas and New Years! Our mini vacation was wonderful!! We did relax and I did get some knitting done.

In fact I finished a project. Unfortunately, it isn't the socks that I wanted to get done. However, my special little girl's baby has a blanket. I mean shouldn't all baby dolls have blankets?I did an interesting pattern on it. I actually knit it in a few different sections then knit them together. It was a quick (did I really make something quick in knitting?!) little knit that I hope she enjoys!

I did get the heel flaps done on the socks, I made three rings for Christmas presents and a necklace. We have finally finished celebrating with everyone, so here are the homemade presents:
I made one for my Mother, Grandmother and Sister. They each matched an article of clothing that they were given for Christmas.

I also made up a necklace for my GF. This necklace matched a bracelet and earring set she received earlier this past year. I wanted her to have a complete set. I also received some wonderful items. I got a laptop bag, which has been renamed to current knitting project bag. It is a perfect size, one side holds my book and sock blockers, the other side holds my yarn, while the pocket in the front holds the little things (chibi, crochet hook, stitch markers etc.).I also received a ball winder, of which I've already put to good use! Also, the Last Minute Knitting Gifts and Mason-Dixon Knitting books!! Now I really need to get these socks done, so I can start on some of the great projects in these books!

I wish all of you a Happy New Year!

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