Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Electricity anyone?

Well, what a few days we have had here. We lost our power on Thursday night...along with power we lost water, heat, cable etc.

We spent an extremely cold Friday being 'tough' and sticking it out. Friday night the temperature inside the house dropped to 40 degrees. It was that type of bone chilling temp that you just can't stop shivering from....we lasted until Saturday morning when we reached out to dear friends of ours.

You see, these dear friends, moved from one house to another during this wonderful storm we had. However, fortunately for us, the house they moved from was still vacant, had heat and water.

So, squatters we became. We packed up two folding chairs, air bed, pillows, Ms. "B" and off we went.

Today is now Tuesday, we JUST got back our power, heat, water and cable a mere 6 hours ago. As thankful as we are to our dear friends, we are extremely glad to be back home.

With everything going on around this household this past few months I do hope that 2009 brings us more happiness and security for us.

As for your bunny a blog...the camera needs a little longer to warm up. Next time, I promise! How about the new winter banner up top?

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