Saturday, December 27, 2008

Handmade Christmas

As is my normal custom, I made a couple of people handmade items for Christmas. One of the items I was very proud of this year was this necklace:Sorry for the awful photo! As is also my custom, the gift was not ready until the last minute and I had to take a photo without the light tent, so it could be wrapped and handed off for delivery in mere minutes.

I bought the SS box chain, the SS pendants and I used my stamping die kit (see the blog here). It took me a few practice tries to get the actual stamping to come out correctly. I highly recommend the 1lb hammer that she sells on her website.

I did not use the liver of sulfur she recommends to produce the black effect within the stamped letters. I went instead with a Sharpie pen and sterling silver cloth cleaner. It works quite well...although it will need to be repeated with excessive wearing.

The Swarovski crystals are the kids birthstones. I do hope the recipient enjoys it!

My DH and I had quite a quiet Christmas this year. We opened gifts when we got up and spent the rest of the day watching some movies that Santa had left.

I did receive a couple of items that were on my list. I loved this mug when I saw it from Rohanknitter. DH was able to purchase one from our local Starbucks.He also purchase a couple of items from one of my favorite stores:I've also taken another photo of my bunnies around the house. I'm staying with ones from the tree, as it will be taken down shortly. This is a hand sewn rabbit. Her dress is crocheted.

Be sure to come back, as I'll be showing off more handmade Christmas gifts as the recipients receive them!

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