Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The end of the year

Can I say with a deep breathe...FINALLY!? The year for me, as I sit here and reflect started out really well. We took a couple of vacations, including one out of the country. I purchased a vehicle that I'm totally in love with (which after 6 months of driving it, is really saying something about it!!). We completed a few small improvements on the house, not including one LARGE shed!

As for the craft front, I've learned how to stamp into silver and make some different jewelry pieces. I learned to knit a button hole. I also figured out how to make a hat that actually fits someone very special to me, my SLG, using circular needles. I started and finished my third pair of socks...I've purchased quite a bit of yarn this year, however it still fits in my bag, sort of ;-) which will allow me to continue to knit all 2009 without having to buy a single skein!

My DH and I have had more than our shares of troubles these past few months, however, so I do hope for positive news soon!

I've never been one to make resolutions for each up coming year. As it bothers me if I don't make it, so instead I go for hopes. Hope is something we could all use in our lives!

My hopes for the next year:
  • A job for my DH
  • More selling in my industry (=more staff)
  • Better health for my Aunt
  • A diamond ring for my sister
  • A year of happiness for my dearest friend
As for me personally:
  • Make more time for my hobbies
  • Spend more time on my Wii
  • Pass my final designation test (on the 1st try, to continue my current 6 in a row record!)
Bunny time...
Another bunny from the tree. This is a Hallmark one that DH and I bought it 11 years ago. How can you resist?!

Happy New Year to you!

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