Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh ... the photos

DH is just one great guy! He found a work around for my photos and uploaded them to our server. THANK YOU!

So away we go:
Pattern: Ballband Dishcloth
Yarn: Cascade Fixation
Colorway: Blue & White
CO: 45 stitches
Needles: US 6 Hiya Hiya Circulars
(yes I do have an error and I didn't feel like froggin'!)Pattern: DW Dishcloth
Yarn: Knit One Crochet TY-DY
Colorway: #631
CO: 38
Needles: US 6 Hiya Hiya Circulars

I also could not resist another Bunny Dishcloth. I can see myself making a few of these this year! I used the same needles & yarn as the DW Dishcloth. I love how the bunny shows up in this yarn more verses when I used a much more variegated yarn earlier this year.Here is the Lutea Lace Shoulder Shell that I started:
Yarn: Classic Elite Sundance
Colorway: Blue
CO: 152
Needles: US 8 Hiya Hiya Circulars

How could I leave you with all these knitting projects and skip the bunny photo? I simply could not do it.

This bunny has been retired from active duty. It is a water feeder for a plant. Unfortunately it was broken a few years back, so it rests comfortably in a Coca-Cola cup.

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