Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winter Wonder in Remix

I cast off this past week on a pattern by Carie (aka IrishGirlieKnits). You may remember the Le Petite Pont I made from her pattern and yarn purchased at Stitches East 2010.

Well, I bought another pattern from her. This is the Winter Wonder. I originally wanted to knit this up in a dark blue yarn, however the yarn store shipped the incorrect color (black instead of nightfall). I decided to keep the black and CO with the red.
The yarn is Berroco Remix. It is made from 100% recycled fibers, Nylon, Cotton, Acrylic, Silk & Linen. Once I picked up a new cable needle (instead of using a DPN) I was able to cruise right along. This is what it looks like now, after 2 nights and a Saturday of knitting:

As you may be able to tell I did a pattern modification, as I'm doing a smaller border. Another 4 repeats and I'll be done! Now just to be able to have some large amounts of knitting time....

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  1. I love it!! So pretty! You'll have it done in no time!