Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cranking out cables

I can't believe how fast I'm knitting cables.
Someone suggested that I could be going even faster if I learned to knit without cable needles. I've tried it on this scarf and I just can't get comfortable with it.

Even with using the cable needles I feel I've been really knitting alot this past week (both in speed and time spent). I've been able to knit every night this week and it has helped my stress level tremendously. I'm trying to enjoy it now, as my busiest time period is almost upon me at work and when that happens I barely make it home for supper.

I originally purchased 2 skeins of this Berroco Remix, I'm still on skein one although I'm hoping to make a cowl out of what is left after this project.

Back to knitting...

1 comment:

  1. Whatever makes you happiest is the way you should knit!

    Did you look at more than one tutorial? Some look more secure than others...

    Or don't look at any more, and carry on.