Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day Two: Skill + 1UP

I really like this topic today. Each project I do I look to expand my knitting techniques. I try to learn a new pattern, new stitch, technique or just try something different.

My first couple of projects I was working with basic knit & purl to show different patterns. I then learned to knit in the round for my socks. The next few projects were lace and I needed to learn YO's, Inc, KFB etc. Overall, I've feel I've progressed nicely in my learning of new techniques.

This past year I was determined to learn cables as I'm determined to knit myself an Irish Knit sweater this decade. I started learning cable with simply 2 stitches held to the back or front in this scarf;
This was the project I took on vacation with us last year. Unfortunately, it is still a WIP, as I realized when our winter began and my sister's wedding rapidly approaching, I needed to get a couple of other projects finished up.

As you may have read in my blog post from early March that I recently finished my Winter Wonder. This for my was a bit more complicated cable design. I'm so pleased with how it came out!
I feel much more confident in my cable knitting after this project. So, that means I'm on track for that Irish Knit Sweater I promised myself!

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