Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day Four: Where are they now?

I just can't believed I've just blogged 4 days in a row! I'll have to check to see if that is a record.

Ok - so to answer the question(s) Where are they now? or Whatever happened to ______?

Well, we talk about this topic a lot in the Selfish Knitters group on Ravelry since the question where are they now indicates that you have gifted a handknit away. As in what deems a person knit worthy. Interestingly enough I started knitting for me. Yet, my second knit project was for my sister, clearly a knit worthy person!

To date I've made 3 items for people outside of family. One was a dishcloth for Dish Rag Tag. I did a hat for a friend's little girl. The final was for my nephew's longtime girlfriend...technically, when you've been around that long you are family right?! So maybe I have only knit two items for outside family members.

All of which have been talked about on the blog.

However, back to the question at hand here, Where are they now?

I'm choosing to go way back.

Back to 2007.

My first & second completed knitting project:

Fun Fur Scarves.

One for me, one for my sister.

Yes, I'm publicly posting a picture of two scarves made out of Fun Fur. Come on it was 2007, give a woman a break.

So - where are these scarves now? I haven't worn mine in years, however I still have it. The one on the left was given to my sister, I'm not sure where her scarf is. Maybe I do not want to know!

How far I've come from $1 yarn at a hobby store, to official yarn snob!

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