Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day Three: Tidy mind, tidy stitches

Organization. Depending on who you ask this is my middle name. My stash is no exception.

All of my yarn is cataloged in Ravelry. If I have a specific project in mind for it, the yarn is linked to the pattern.

Last year I participated in the 2010 Flash Your Stash. I took the picture on the right in April 2010.

The bottom one is from March 2011. Hmmm, it seems a little enhancement went on this past year.

Interesting to see some of the same skeins, figuring out the skeins that are no longer in the stash and seeing the new ones. Also, for full disclosure I didn't put all the skeins of the projects I'm currently working on in this photo.
One of the things that stands out at me this year are my purchases from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I did purchase a couple of skeins from Stitches East, then promptly ordered 5 skeins of Sock Candy when I got home. They are all starting the bottom row on the left hand side. The other skeins on the far left are Knit Picks Comfy & Cotlin. They are some of the softest yarn I've held.

As for where I store my yarns. I have this canvas bag from LLBean. The yarn goes into see through plastic bags by weight into this bag.

I am going to guess that 85% of my stash resides in this bag.

I take out all the skeins of yarn for the particular project I'm working on and locate them elsewhere for ease of use. I also keep my leftover yarns if the ball is small enough in mason jars.

If I have a majority of a skein left after a project it goes into a see through bag with all the others and put in a separate tote bag.

Yes, it is my organized stash!

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