Sunday, January 5, 2014

Knock Knock...anyone home?!

A whole year since I have been here. An awful lot has been going on. Let me see if I can just summarize it and get back to the knitting:

  • New employer
  • Above & Beyond Award
  • Work, work work.
  • New car
  • Lil Miss turned 1 and is now nearly 19 months old!
  • A lot of knitting has been happening
  • I've been keeping Ravelry updated, not so much this blog.
  • Made my own marshamallows
  • Gained a few pounds (actually more than a few)
  • Finally caught up to all the Harry Potter movies
  • Sister battled radiation treatment. 
  • New job title/new job responsibilities, including managing a team!
  • Chose to not stress out this year for knitted Christmas gifts (only knit one for moi!)
  • Spent my 40th birthday in Bermuda! My favorite place in the world!
  • Bought a Tread Climber and I am using it
  • Mastered the best homemade pizza dough
  • Fell in love with fresh mozzarella
  • Climbed a lighthouse 
  •  Took 3 long weekend trips that were the best times with DH!
  • Came face to face with a live possum and didn't scream
  • Can't say the same for finding the dead mouse in the basement!
  • Kept in touch with dear friends more this past year!
  • Learned to let go a few things. 
  • Installed a new counter top

Phew! Quite a year!

I'm excited to see what 2014 brings. Including bringing you up to speed on what I've been knitting.

First up:

Pattern: Victorian Lace Baby Shrug
Yarn: Cascade Yarn Ultra Pima
Colorway: Primrose
Yardage: 176
Needles: US 7

As you can see it fit perfectly...with a little room to grow!

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