Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cranking on Socks...and laundry

Reentry after a vacation is just the pits. There is unpacking, laundry overflowing, shopping for groceries, adjusting your sleeping schedule, getting back to normal portions of food and let us not forget back to work!

However, in between all that it does produce some down time to knit.

Bring back my socks and lets crank out some heels. Oh yeah!

I have 7 more days to get these done (leaving one day for washing/blocking). This is my self imposed deadline, as I want them to be the socks I wear on Christmas. Granted, they are not very Christmas-y but considering that my sister said we have to wear a 'silly sweater' to Christmas I need normal socks to balance it out.

It's an OCD thing.

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