Saturday, January 24, 2015

Heel Stripes!

I rested my thumb for longer than I really wanted, but I figured if I didn't it would just lead to more painful knitting.

So, I gave it nearly 10 days of no knitting, then started on Wednesday just knitting a few minutes at a time, resting, another few minutes then rest.

It paid off with completing the heels 3 days later (yesterday).

This is what they currently look like, literally 7 minutes ago. Completed short row heels (new technique learned already this year) and nearly 2 inches up the cuff.

I'm not really liking the short row heels, as I really wish I had taken the time to do the Fish Kiss Heel, but there is always learning that in the next pair. Also, I could have probably done the heel flap as I'm getting really good yardage out of this skein as I still have half of it left, so these will be some tall socks.

The stripes are really pushing me to keep knitting to the next color, however since I've spent most of the day watching the snow come down and knitting, it is time to give the thumb a rest.

ETA: I know that Fish Kiss Heels are short row, however it is a different method than what I used.

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