Thursday, April 30, 2015

House to a home and back to house...

17 years ago tomorrow, we purchased our first home.

It wasn't a big & fancy house, but it 'fit the bill'. We knew we could turn it into a home just the same.

We hosted parties and holidays. We had friends, family, even the furry ones come in our front door. We turned this house into a home by the events we had. We created a lifetime of memories that will forever be with us.

We had highs and lows in this home. It got us through the worst times, when what you want cannot be provided - even with medical intervention. When you celebrated the accomplishments, when you got the opportunity to hit the ceiling with the champagne cork, you knew you were home! The times you needed just to curl up and have a few hours of stress feel life tucked away with a good book, it was home!

As we lived in our home we improved it every year, ourselves.  There was the fun 'vacation' week of gutting the bathroom. Remembering the hottest summer ever that we built the stone wall, or hand dug for a pool in time to close it for the season, or took down the pool, built not one but two decks...we painted and painted and painted.

We put in a new roof, windows, boiler, new electric, shed, footings...we bled, sweat and nearly gave up. But we didn't!! We kept being determined to finish the plan.

Shall we take a trip down memory lane with some of our proudest accomplishments...

We built a shed:
Built two decks:

 We always knew we had a place to go. Called home. One of my favorite pictures is below. However, the pool is now gone and it doesn't show the new roof, walkway & windows.

Now that we have packed up 60% of our home, we've turned it back into a house. It's time for someone else to love it like we have over all those years.

Tomorrow we open our house for others to view what will hopefully turn out to become THEIR home.

Cheers & fingers crossed!

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