Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kudos to those of you on Weight Watchers

...but I'm finding it isn't for me. I could use to lose a few pounds, but I just really need to 'tone' what I have. How is that for an excuse? I mean I really need to stop my snacking but I don't think WW is for me.

Here is what has been happening since Wednesday:

My entire work team (okay just the ones that sit the closest to me) is on WW. My manager, two coworkers and 2 who technically work under me. They started the whole point thing. Well someone got the great idea to see how many points I eat in a given day. It went something like this: 10 points for all the crackers you eat during your morning, 2 points for every glass of kool-aid, my lunch was practically 10 points and well let us just say my afternoon snacks were double that. Well over the double the points I should have had during the course of one day.

So, the next day I try again, I stuck with only 10 crackers (2 points), kool-aid (4 points). Then, for lunch I looked up the points on chicken tenders and 6 bite size ones were 5 points. So, I thought going to Arby's with a friend and just having 3 chicken tenders I was good at the 5 points. I get back to the office and I was informed by another book (the fast food one) that it was 10....WHAT?!?! I had a water and was still starving. I skipped the afternoon candy bar (for fear of being pounced on) and made it til about 6:30 when I had to have two Oreo cookies. I then ate the chicken marsala, potato that the DH made for supper. I figured by then I was already well over my 17 points alloted for the day...I then had about 7 peppermints.

I mean I was already over my points by then, what the heck. Right?! The next day was a little easier, but not by much.

This leads to the weekend...DH is thinking this is a good idea for him to lose a little weight. Well, I get 17 points, guess, just guess how many he gets!? 34!!! That is like double!!

I went grocery shopping and got tons of fruit...and buying the ingredients for some of the recipes. By 3 PM yesterday DH still had 15 points to use, me, well let us just say I was over by 5.

So, this morning with our refrigerator stocked I offer to make up the 5 point smoothie. We add the ingredients, and try it, not bad. In fact I was willing to have half a glass. Now, this was about Noon, so I ask where is lunch. He replies this is lunch. I'm like nooooo, I want some food. He replies this is yogurt, fruit, wheat germ etc. in it and it is a meal all itself.

Bottom line...I don't think this for me. I proceed to have a waffle and yes with syrup on it! (it was a low-fat whole wheat waffle, does that count for something?!)

Best wishes to all you out there on WW. I can now understand how hard it is. Major kudos to those of you that stick with it and get to your goal! :-)

There will be knitting on the next post. Stay tuned.

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